What’s this about Photography I ear?

So by now you may be wondering why I’m posting a written article rather than one of my many images, I digress…. After working as a photography for a couple month or so in some very loud environments I decided it may be a good idea to start using ear plugs just to save myself from damage. I started using those cheap disposable ear plugs you get from most work places free of charge but found they were a faf and most of all got rid of most high end frequencies all together.. If I’m shooting at a gig I want to be able to enjoy the music aswell as protecting myself against which in some cases I would particularly prefer to be protected from the music too. 

This got me thinking, so from that point on I was looking into a few pairs of plugs ranging from cheapish right up to over the £100 mark for the best you can get moulded type. I was looking around on Ebay and found these ACS ER20’s for only £8 they looked fantastic not only provided in ear protection but allowed for a flat sound and most of all lowered the volume by 20db. They came in the post pretty quick, well what can I say fantastic can’t go wrong for £8.

For all you gig photographer and even music lovers just stay protected. Afterall I know i’d rather spend the small money than pay the large price of loosing my hearing or gaining tinnitus.


Here’s a link –